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This is the book that began my love affair with the phenomenal In Death series.

The year is 2058. Lieutenant Eve Dallas of the NYPSD Homicide Division is plagued with bad dreams for not being able to prevent a young girl's murder by her father. She also dreads reporting for a psychological and physical evaluation which is a standard requirement after her termination of the murderer. The Testing is put on hold, however, when she and her partner Feeney take on a politically sensitive homicide. The victim is Sharon DeBlass, a high class prostitute and the granddaughter of a prominent senator. Eve must navigate the tricky political and media pressures and sidestep red herrings to nab the murderer. Her investigation leads her to her main suspect, Roarke, one of the richest men on and off-planet.

To Eve, the job defines who she is. In her pursuit of justice for the dead, she clocks insanely long hours on the job, running on simulated coffee that tastes more like sewage and little sleep. She is forever forgetting her gloves and the word 'fashion' doesn't exist in her dictionary. The machines in her life are old and temperamental to a fault. It is hard for Eve to open up emotionally so she only has a few close friends. On the job, she is all steely eyes and nerves. Off the job, the merest suggestion of a romance terrifies her.

A man whose origin is shrouded in mystery, Roarke is the epitome of charm, impeccable taste and breeding with a compulsive need to acquire and own things. Everything in his life whispers of obscene money and operates with clockwork efficiency. He seems to be the antithesis of everything that Eve is yet there's an undeniable attraction between the two right from the get-go and Roarke is not above exploiting Eve's weakness for real coffee (another luxury) to sneak under her skin.

Each successive encounter between Eve and Roarke is a real pleasure to read. Against her better instincts, Eve finds herself drawn inexorably into a deeper relationship with Roarke, even as her personal life places her professional career in jeopardy for the first time. From the soy burgers and chips to the snarled traffic, the noisy ad blimps, the pungent glide carts and the Autochefs (a futuristic version of a food dispenser), Miss Robb has a firm finger on the pulse of 2058 New York. She does a deft job of intersecting the romance and the investigation. The novel moves at a clipping pace to a satisfying and poignant conclusion. The ending is probably my favorite out of all the In Death books to date.

Grade: A+

J D Robb
Berkley (July 1995)
# ISBN-10: 0425148297
# ISBN-13: 978-0425148297

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  • At 9:00 PM, Blogger Seneca said…

    I've just started this series. I have read, I believe, only 4 or 5 of the books. I have loved them all. (because my profile is disabled, in case you want to know who I am, lol)

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