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YOURS UNTIL DAWN by Teresa Medeiros
Gabriel Fairchild is embittered by a war injury that robbed him of his sight and the subsequent desertion of his shallow fiancee. Depressed, hopeless and angry, he refuses to pick up the pieces of his life and nothing can persuade him to change his mind, certainly not the stubborn and obnoxious crone who is his new nurse...

You just can’t help liking the heroine Samantha unreservedly after seeing her dogged (insert image of a stubborn dog) attempts to help the Gabriel walk on his own. There are many witty repartee as the two cross swords and try to outwit each other. Each chapter opens with a small snippet of letters between Gabriel and his former fiancee, giving us increasingly clear insight into the cause of Gabriel’s bitterness.

Ingeniously-woven, this story shakes me to the core everytime I read it. The prose is trademark Medeiros--effortlessly exquisite, touched with equal measures of humor and angst and filled with vivid imagery. To date, it has the most poignant and most arousing love scene I've ever read--not because of graphic language but because the emotions welling up between the protagonists feel so natural and real. The surprise twist ending is further testament to Ms. Medeiros' skill as an author.

Grade: A

Teresa Medeiros
Avon (July 27, 2004)
# ISBN-10: 0060513659
# ISBN-13: 978-0060513658

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