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March 4 - 10, 2007 is Read an E-Book Week
Common laments from book lovers are the lack of shelf space for their beloved books and an ever-expanding TBR pile capable of triggering a mini-landslide.

Ebooks are great space savers. You can own as many ebooks as you want without having them invade your living space. Ebooks are also easily portable for those constantly on the go. If you need to move house one day, you don't have to whittle your book collection because they are too heavy or costly to bring with you. They are also environmentally friendly.

There is no better time to discover the joy of reading an ebook than now. Several publishers and authors are holding special promotions or events in conjunction with Read an E-Book Week. Check them out!

  • Read an E-Book Week-Supporters

  • Zumaya Publications - Get a free ebook when you purchase an ebook by... Click here for details.

  • Aspen Mountain Press is offering any e-Book on their site for 50% off for the week of March 4-11th. Just enter discount code EBO25946 in the appropriate box on the checkout page to receive your discount.

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