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IN RUINS by Amanda Jean Kelly
Archaeological expedition and excavation are fairly popular plot devices in romantic suspense. Be it the sparks and tempers that fly from being forced in close quarters at a remote exotic location, individuals' secret agendas, the excitement of the treasure hunt or the thrill of the uncertain dangers, there's almost certain to be something for every reader.

Here's a new release that looks interesting.

An archaeologist and cave expert, Raul Ignacio has been offered a million dollars to find the staff of an ancient Mayan ruler in the ruins of Luchitak Temple in Belize. Using his life savings, he has anonymously funded an excavation of the temple in hopes of finding the artifact. A newcomer to the excavation scene, Theresa Tustin desperately wants to make a name for herself in the archaeology world. She seduces Raul with her competitive spirit, as she needs to distinguish herself to obtain the well-paying jobs she needs to support her ailing mother's massive debts.

When it's anounced that the excavation's funding has run dry, Theresa makes one last attempt to find the ruler's tomb and Raul tails the sexy vixen into the ruins. An unexpected cave-in leaves them stranded in the belly of the temple, their only escape a winding maze of caves beneath the mountains of Belize. With all of his money gone, will Raul find the staff and lead Theresa to safety or will he be ruins?

Amanda Jean Kelly

Published by Phaze
ISBN: 1-59426-563-1

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  • At 6:34 AM, Blogger Elena Greene said…

    Hi! I'm here from the Risky Regencies to let you know you won a copy of Candice Hern's IN THE THRILL OF THE NIGHT. You can email me (hope Blogger takes this link) at with your snail mail address. Or just go back to the Risky Regencies and check under recent posts for the announcement.

    You have a fun blog. I love that moon-dance picture!

    Elena Greene

  • At 7:30 PM, Blogger Colleen Gleason said…

    Yo! Jenny! Looks like it's your lucky week. You won on my blog too--RUMBLE ON THE BAYOU.

    Stop on by and let me know where to send it!

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